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Waterballon and Snowball Slingshot

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  • Elastic slingshot for water ballons or snowballs
  • Shoots up to 90 metres
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Description Waterballon and Snowball Slingshot

  • Elastic slingshot for water ballons or snowballs
  • Shoots up to 90 metres
  • Includes a filler and 150 water balloons
One of the best things about summer is the fact that you dry pretty quickly if you manage to get wet. Which means it's gonna be just fine to launch a few water bombs at your friends, neighbours and co-workers? The only thing is ... to hit them, you have to enter their range of fire ...
So get the upper hand by choosing the Water Balloon and Snowball Slingshot! This mighty siege engine will turn the tides of every backyard war in the blink of an eye.
The Mega variant requires a crew of three, but rewards your team effort with a range of 90 metres!
To get you right into the heat of battle, each pack includes 150 water balloons and a filler. And during winter, you can just change your ammo to snowballs :). Woohoo!
Please note: projectiles from this slingshot travel at significantly higher velocities than thrown water bombs or snowballs. Please try to avoid firing at people from a short distance and try not to hit people's heads. And please don't pick on beloved pets.
Technical details:
Contents: Sling, 150 water balloons, filler (for use with screw cap bottles)
Range: up to 90 m
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