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getDigital was founded in 2002 by Philipp Stern and Florian Schatz with a start-up capital of a whopping 1,000 euros. The two of them started programming at the age of 11 or 12 (back then in BASIC and with the C64) and at 18 founded their own company and worked as code monkeys to create various homepages and shop pages for customers. In June 2002, they noticed that there was no shop in Europe that specifically appealed to computer freaks. Of course, they had to change that and getDigital has been around ever since.

The getDigital team

After more than thirteen years in business, four different company headquarters (from Florian's mother's basement to Florian's grandfather's attic to the rooms of an old dance school in Kiel-Projensdorf and finally to the "property" in the Kiel-Wellsee industrial area), an uncountable number of different internet providers (and none is fast enough), as well as a million shirts and gadgets sent out (at least that's how it feels), we still don't have enough. No wonder with such a great team as ours! To show you who is behind getDigital and who is responsible for what, you can find the most important information about our departments here:


All products that you can order in the shop are stored in the warehouse. This is where your order arrives and where all packages are put together and packed. In the shirt section, we print your new T-shirt with the desired motif.



If you have any questions, are in a bad mood or if something goes wrong, our customer service team will take care of it. If you have a problem with an order or a product, you will always be helped. If necessary, we will heroically take on the fight with DHL, the technology or even defective products, we promise!



Of course, nothing works in a geek shop without IT. :) This is where the new shop was programmed, for example. Everything that runs behind the scenes is also managed by technology, such as the ordering system or the email system that we use to answer customer questions or purchase new products.



Purchasing ensures replenishment. On the one hand, popular items are repurchased, and on the other hand, we are constantly on the lookout for new products. We are in contact with dealers around the world, and we usually communicate in English. In addition to large producers, small inventors are also among those who supply us with geek stuff.

Product development is also very important to us: We place a lot of emphasis on implementing our own product ideas. It can be a long journey from the first idea to the finished gadget, and the result is several of our geeky bestsellers. A new product needs the right designers, producers and someone who keeps an eye on costs. ;) When an item is finally in our warehouse, product management begins. There, it is measured thoroughly and checked for all legal regulations. In the EU, for example, there are quite a few notices that certain products must carry. Finally, there are photos, text and all the important information for the shop so that you can get an idea of ​​your new gadget.



You can't really imagine it, but there really are still geeks and nerds in Europe who have never heard of us! To change that, we advertise on all the channels you use: for example, we feed Google, Facebook and Instagram with ads or write cool posts for our social media profiles. In addition, we also make sure that our products are well placed on Amazon so that nerds who haven't yet found their way to our website can find us too.



The management represents the company (we are a GmbH), ensures that everything runs smoothly and is responsible for coordinating the staff and the overall strategy of the company. This means, for example, that new projects such as our loot box are planned together with our boss. And if something doesn't work, he is of course the first point of contact. ;)