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Are we missing a product or shirt?

If you know a saying for a shirt that you think we should definitely use, or if you have seen a geeky product somewhere that we are still missing, we would be delighted if you let us know. We are of course also happy to hear ideas for completely new, self-developed products!

Your idea for a shirt slogan or a product:

If we add a shirt with a saying or picture you made up to our shop, you will receive a shirt with this motif for free. Unfortunately, pictures and sayings from the internet do not count.

Can I also sell you my idea?

If you have created a complete T-shirt design or have a really special idea for a product, you can of course also negotiate with us individually what you would like from us if we want to print the design or produce the product. The best way to do this is to send us information by email ( ) or using our contact form . We will then get in touch with you and promise that we will treat your information confidentially. Of course, we won't just steal your idea!