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Star Trek Stardust Gin

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  • 500ml coloured gin in official Star Trek design
  • Inspired by Romulan whiskey
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Description Star Trek Stardust Gin

  • 500ml coloured gin in official Star Trek design
  • Inspired by Romulan whiskey
  • Optional with matching glasses
  • Contains 40% vol. alcohol
  • Magically changes colour from blue to green when shaken.
With the iconic Enterprise, our heroes in "Star Trek" set off into the infinite vastness of space and explore distant planets and galaxies. And as much as we are excited to be watching the action on the screen we are often happy to be enjoying a cosy drink on the couch instead of getting caught up in intergalactic battles.
The Star Trek Stardust Gin is particularly suitable for this. As a true Trekkie, you will probably be reminded of the Romulan whiskey that this gin is based on with its deep blue colour. Because even the crew of the Enterprise need a drink now and again to relax - or for other purposes, as Scottie proves when he tries to put Tomar out of action.
Sparkling like the stars of an entire galaxy, the flavour of this gin takes you to nearly as infinite an expanse as the iconic spaceship. With a total of 31 botanicals, it offers your taste buds an almost galactic bouquet of flavours. Its woody, fruity flavour is very pleasant and not too overpowering. Even if it seems almost extraterrestrial, the Star Trek Gin is produced in a limited edition by V-Sinne in the Black Forest and is based on the award-winning V-Sinne Dry Gin.
In addition to its pretty appearance and unique flavour, it also reveals a very special secret when you mix it with tonic water. This is when the gin turns a bright green colour. It probably not only reminds you of Aldebaran whiskey, but also of many a running gag from the series... ;)
And if you're looking for a very special gift, why not order our set of Stardust Gin and two Intergalactic Shot Measuring Glasses, so you'll always know how much alcohol goes with which Star Trek race. This has many advantages. Besides the fact that you have a high-quality and good value gift set, the gin will also last much longer if you want to give it to a Vulcan, for example ;)
Technical details:
Alcohol content: 40 % vol.
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