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SoundRacer X

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  • The SoundRacer makes even the smallest car sound like a Ferrari
  • Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter in your car
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Description SoundRacer X

  • The SoundRacer makes even the smallest car sound like a Ferrari
  • Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter in your car
  • It detects the revolution speed of the engine by monitoring the battery voltage and sends a suitable sound to the FM car radio system
You would like to own a Ferrari or another super car? Don't have the money? Neither do we - but we do have the SoundRacer for you!
Compared to a Ferrari, the SoundRacer is a bargain and it lets you enjoy the sound of a high-power engine for a fraction of the price.
How does the SoundRacer work? Just slot it into the cigarette lighter of your car and set it to a free radio frequency. The powerful engine sound will then be heard rumbling through the speakers of your FM car stereo system.
But you won't simply hear a steady engine sound - oh no! The SoundRacer transforms the revolution speed of your engine into a more powerful one. That means: When you accelerate or change gears, you hear the fitting sounds out of your radio's speakers!
How is that possible? Well, it's smart and simple: The SoundRacer detects fluctuations in the battery voltage connected to the revolution speed of the engine.
The SoundRacer X lets you choose between different sounds: on the included 1GB SD card, you will find 6 motor profiles to get you started. Next to the classic V8, V10 and V12 engines, a Japanese sports car and even an American V-Twin and a sport touring motorbike can be selected. And you can even add your own sounds to customize your driving experience even further!
Because of this smart system, you always hear a sound fitting to the way you drive your car - but of course pretty showy and exaggerated ;)
And the SoundRacer offers even more: If you have an older FM car radio system without the ability to plug in an external audio device, you can use the SoundRacer to listen to the music from your mp3 player, as it has a 3.5mm stereo plug line in. The connecting cable (50cm) is included in the delivery.
You can find a list of tested cars on the manufacturer's website.
Technical details:
Contents: Soundracer, Micro SD adapter, 3.5mm stereo cable, instructions
Dimensions: Ca. 11.5cm x 5cm x 5cm
Compatibility: Car stereo system with FM receiver and AUX input, 12V socket/cigarette lighter
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