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Scratch Map

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  • On this map, you can scratch off all the countries you've already visited.
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Description Scratch Map

  • On this map, you can scratch off all the countries you've already visited.
There are no frontiers.
This is your voyage...
Your 2-week holiday mission:
To explore fascinating new countries,
To seek out for new acquaintances and to eat loads of exotic food,
To boldly go where you haven't gone before.
And when you've returned?
What about going over this funky Scratch Map Dig out one of those little foreign coins you have left over, and start to scratch away all the countries you've visited!
The map is covered with a layer of foil-like lacquer, but the more you travel about and discover the world, the more you can pick up a coin and scratch away to reveal your past 'missions', showing your individual travels. The uncovered parts are coloured, so the more you travel the more colourful the map will become, until perhaps you've been everywhere!
Pinning pins on regular world maps is so 20th century! Today the new way is to scratch away! The Scratch Map makes for an original gift for family or friends, and why not treat yourself to one too?
- The World Map covers all countries on the globe.
Technical details:
Weight: 0.125kg: Content: The map comes in a sturdy, decorative cardboard tube: Material: Cardboard, paper, golden scratch off coating: Dimensions: World Map: 82 x 58cm:
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