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Programming languages card game code:deck

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  • Card deck with 55 cards
  • Available in poker and bridge size
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Description Programming languages card game code:deck

  • Card deck with 55 cards
  • Available in poker and bridge size
  • Classic French design
  • Every card includes the description in one of 13 programming languages
Sometimes a simple card game is the best pastime. You know, those times when you're forced to de-digitise, or because of those slow university or work computers, a power blackout (we HATE those!) or camping...
But don't panic...! It's possible to create a (sort of) digital - and very geeky - card deck. Which is what the developers of code:deck (who are in IT themselves) did. :)
Each of the 55 cards that are available in both a poker-sized (6,6cm x 8,9cm) and a bridge-sized (5,7cm x 8,5cm) version, shows its own code. So, the King of Spades looks like this:


Of course, it gets more challenging than HTML too. The following programming languages are included in the deck: Assembly, Bash, C++, Brainfuck, Python, Objective-C, C#, JAVA, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, and HTML.
Want another example? :)
That's the Five of Spades.
Of course, code:deck is perfect for programmers but 'normal' people, like you and us (well, maybe not us!), can play too, as each card also displays its value with suit shapes/letters/numbers, just like regular cards. The back of each card is simple; - black with the code:deck logo.
In addition to the cards from Ace to King, the set includes three jokers, which also tells you a bit about the developers.
So have fun with your favourite card game, only now with a twist. Maybe this is a great chance to learn some code? Maybe you'll even invent a new game?
Technical details:
Contents: 55 cards
Material: paperboard
Dimensions: Poker 6,6cm x 8,9cm, Bridge 5,7cm x 8,5cm
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