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Plantarium Gardener

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  • Set for growing three different plants
  • The plants grow in a special gel
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Description Plantarium Gardener

  • Set for growing three different plants
  • The plants grow in a special gel
You may have seen our Plantarium Garden Lab? Well, if you're looking for a new challenge, then how about these sets? They include different plants, –the right greens for every situation :).
Like all the Plantarium products, the sets feature a special gel instead of boring, old potting soil. You may know that Nasa uses the same stuff to grow plants in space?! Scientifically thrilling of course, – but most importantly, it looks cool!
The Traveller set contains food for long trips. Corn and peanuts are perfect for warding off hunger and giving a spark of new energy. And if you have enough time, you can knit new socks out of the cotton ;).
All sets include the necessary ingredients for the gel, as well as the planters, small flowerpots, turf capsules and of course, the seeds. Everything for a gardener's delight. And for the non-gardeners amongst us, they just look really cool and we can tell people we don't only live with our computers!. 'Seed' what we mean?!
Technical details:
Included: gel-ingredients, 3 seed casings, 3 turf discs, 3 plant bins, 3 plant pots.:
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