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Pi Papercraft Pi-Percraft

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  • Papercraft of the first 8 digits and the symbol of Pi
  • Scissors and glue needed
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Description Pi Papercraft Pi-Percraft

  • Papercraft of the first 8 digits and the symbol of Pi
  • Scissors and glue needed
What would we do without pi? This handy little number allows us to do many wondrous things, such as calculating circles and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and ─ last but not least ─ have an excuse for baking pies. Among nerds, Pi has gained a bit of a cult following and even a special Pi Day was created on March 14th to celebrate this wondrous and infinite string of numbers.
The one thing we couldn’t do until now, though, was display Pi in our home! So we've decided to change that with the Pi Papercraft. With a bit of glue, scissors (or better, an X-ACTO knife) and some patience, you can create your very own three-dimensional model of the first eight digits and the symbol of Pi. Of course, you could also build all the other digits, but you'll most likely need a bigger house for that ...
If we've managed to awaken the papercraft maniac inside of you, you can find many other models for free over here.
Simply print them out, assemble and enjoy!
Technical details:
Contents: 8 paper sheets
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