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Periodic Table Fridge Magnets

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  • A magnetic periodic table of elements for your fridge door.
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Description Periodic Table Fridge Magnets

  • A magnetic periodic table of elements for your fridge door.
There are different techniques you can use to help you with your chemistry lessons. One way is with the help of jokes:
Helium comes into a bar. The bartender says: 'Sorry, we don't serve noble gases.' - But Helium doesn't react!
Well, yeah. You could try it that way. But we've got a better idea! Every time you pass your fridge or open the fridge door, you could take a quick glance at the Periodic Table Fridge Magnets and learn something about lanthanides, aggregate states, molecular weight and much more.
The magnets measure 2x2cm and can be stuck to any magnetic surface. You can arrange them at will, so if you're of the opinion that magnesium fits in better with the non-metals, then feel free to put it there.
Even those of you who have no interest in chemistry can have a lot of fun with these decorative magnets: Play a Scrabble-like game and try to build as many words as possible. We'll give you a head start:
How many other compositions can you think of...?
Technical details:
Content: Approx. 125 pieces
Dimensions: each element symbol = approx. 2 sq cm
Language: English
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