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No Signal Sleeve RFID Protective Cover

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  • Smartphone bag that will block all signals to mobile devices (GPS, NFC, Bluetooth etc.)
  • Allows you to enjoy peace, privacy and prevents you from reaching for your phone every few seconds
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Description No Signal Sleeve RFID Protective Cover

  • Smartphone bag that will block all signals to mobile devices (GPS, NFC, Bluetooth etc.)
  • Allows you to enjoy peace, privacy and prevents you from reaching for your phone every few seconds
  • Creates a Faraday cage, similar to a portable dead spot
  • Material: recycled parachute silk and silver-plated mesh (Made in Germany)
  • Variants: Smartphone Cover, Laptop Cover
  • Available in up to three colours: Black, Green, Red
Even though smartphones have definitely enhanced our everyday lives by not only allowing us to use "classic" phone services but also access the endless realms of the internet, we should at times take a critical look at the way we use our devices. After all, the constant connection works both ways and our smartphones can easily be used by malicious entities like security agencies, cybercriminals and advertisement services to track us. Not to mention the feared call from your boss at midnight begging you to "just fix a few things here and there, now that you're awake." Argh!
That's why this No Signal Sleeve Smartphone Bag was created. To give you back at least some control over your privacy by blocking all signals from mobile devices! This includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS – services you're are most likely using almost constantly. As long as your device is in the closed bag, nobody can snoop through your data or push you to the brink of insanity with annoying calls or text messages. Additionally, the bag will prevent you from subconsciously checking your phone for new notifications every few seconds ;).
But how does this work? Well, with physics, of course! Inside the bag, made from recycled parachute silk, a silver-plated mesh creates a Faraday cage once the bag is closed and rolled up – effectively blocking out all signals. Imagine it being like a small, portable dead zone! Apps, like your alarm, that don't rely on signals still work inside the bag.
There are 2 different variants of the No Signal Sleeve: The regular Smartphone Cover for your smartphone and for your laptop, you're covered with the No Signal Sleeve Laptop Cover. To allow the variants to blend into your everyday life seamlessly, you can choose from three colours: black, green and red.
Maybe you're wondering "Why can't I just turn off my phone?" Unfortunately, this does not work in all cases. Your smartphone can still transfer data when turned off, which makes it possible for you to be tracked. Of course, this is a rare occurrence, but when your phone has been hacked or when you're staying in a less democratic state, it's still possible. No Signal Sleeve can provide a kind of "quarantine" for your phone when it's already affected, thus protecting you and your data. While this might seem a bit paranoid to some people, it's always better to stay safe, especially when giving out personal and business information.
Technical details:
Smartphone Cover Dimensions: 23 x 10 cm (open); 8 x 3.5 cm (rolled up)
Smartphone Cover Weight: approx. 30 g
Laptop cover dimensions: 48.5 x 24.5 x 2 cm
Max. device dimensions for laptop cover: 31 x 21.5 x 2.5 cm
Material: recycled parachute silk
Care and maintenance: wipe down with a damp cloth; do not wash the inside
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