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LCARS Periodic Table Poster

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  • A2 poster with the table of elements: Star Trek design.
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Description LCARS Periodic Table Poster

  • A2 poster with the table of elements: Star Trek design.
Star Trek was –(and still is) –ahead of its time. Spock and co. in The Original Series were the first to give us touchscreens, flip-phone communicators, sensors and cloaking devices (well, we're not quite there yet, but scientists have bent light). So it's only fitting we honour Star Trek's computer operating system. Every computer on the Enterprise and the other ships in Starfleet use LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System). No manufacturer wars, no "my OS is better than your OS!"... LCARS is the one ;). If you're searching for something, just give the command –(tactile or voice-command) –for example, "show periodic table of the elements": et voilà, there it is! LCARS shows the periodic table in the characteristic Star Trek design. Wouldn't it be great if modern-day companies used it too? If your blue uniform isn't enough to show that you're a serious Trekkie, then this poster will help. :) Please note: The poster is in German only. –(though that doesn't change its function or look). ;)
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Dimensions: 42x59.4cm (DIN A2) :
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