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Konstruktor Lomography Camera Construction Kit

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  • Camera kit for an analogue SLR camera: For use with 35mm films: Building takes ca. 1-2 hours.
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Description Konstruktor Lomography Camera Construction Kit

  • Camera kit for an analogue SLR camera: For use with 35mm films: Building takes ca. 1-2 hours.
We're living in a time where everybody can take photos with their phone! But people don't care about framing, focusing and lighting the pictures much anymore, since they can take about 50 shots (of the same thing with almost no difference in any of the photos!). So that's why we're reclaiming the good old SLR camera! And there's fun for you as you get to build your new/old camera yourself. ;)
This kit contains everything you need for an SLR camera, except for the 35mm film, which fortunately is back in production, for example by Lomography.
The camera assembly is explained step by step in the enclosed manual. It's recommended for ages 14 and above and building the camera will take 1-2 hours. Then you'll have a 'ready for retro-action camera', which needs no batteries! Yay :).
Why not give your camera a personal touch with the enclosed stickers? Now put in the film (yeah, don't forget that!) and you're ready to start taking pictures.
Taking photos with an analogue camera requires your full attention: light level, light direction, exposure, focus, framing the shot properly (there isn't endless space on the film for 50 versions of the same photo! So you have to think about what's worth capturing on film). The bonus is you'll learn more about photography. Plus there's not the issue of a low battery level!
Oh, and don't forget: never open the camera before winding the film back, to prevent exposure to light. This is a real camera, retro style, so there's nothing to warn you about this! No blinking lights or on-screen warnings, LOL! :)
The camera is made of black plastic, has a 50mm f/10 lens, a shutter speed of 1/80s, features multiple exposure capability, and also has a mount for a tripod (not included).
Naturally, we're curious about your photos... Maybe you could take pictures of them with your phone and send them to us?! LOL. ;)
Technical details:
Content: Camera Kit, Screwdriver, Manual, DIY Sticker Set: Features: SLR Camera: Features: fully interchangeable lens system: Content
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