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Kinetic Mobiles

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  • Kinetic mobile that keeps swinging once gently pushed
  • Batteries guarantee long-lasting momentum
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Description Kinetic Mobiles

  • Kinetic mobile that keeps swinging once gently pushed
  • Batteries guarantee long-lasting momentum
  • Three variants available: Atom Model , Planet Model and Orbit Model
Patience is a virtue, they say. But they never tell you how to become patient and achieve a state of absolute relaxation. So it looks like we've got to find out for ourselves. Many people find that rhythmic movement, like the crashing of waves, a swinging pendulum or something simple like a mobile helps greatly with unwinding mentally.
If you've grown a bit weary of regular mobiles or Newton's Pendulum, the Kinetic Mobiles will provide you with a new way of relaxation and tranquillity. You can choose between two variants:

  • The Atom Model, as the name suggests, is shaped like a stylized atom. Gently push the bottom pendulum and the small triplets will start spinning, effectively keeping the momentum and thus keeping your mobile moving. Who needs the Atomium in Brussels anyway?

  • The Orbit Model is inspired by the way the planets of our solar system revolve around the sun. Just start the mobile and watch the coloured rings and spheres rotate ? a truly mesmerizing sight!

  • The Planet Model mimics a planet that is surrounded by whirling satellites. If you watch hard enough, you might even spot its real-life counterpart out there in the real universe. But we highly doubt it. ;)

Since we've not yet managed to build a perpetual mobile (we're working on it, we promise!), these mobiles need the help of batteries (not included) to keep spinning longer. The Atom Model requires 1 x 9V battery, the Orbit Model 2 x AA batteries.
Technical details:
Dimensions: Atom Model: approx. 33cm x 11cm x 20cm, Orbit Model: approx.. 23cm x 30cm x 18cm, Planet Model: approx. 22.5 x 23.5 x 14.5 cm
Power supply: Atom Model: 1 x 9V battery, Orbit Model: 2 x AA batteries, Planet Model: 1 x 9V (LR61) battery (not included)
Material: plastic, metal
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