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Cookie Box Using Cookies

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  • Geeky cookie box made from tinplate with "cookie warning" label.
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Description Cookie Box Using Cookies

  • Geeky cookie box made from tinplate with "cookie warning" label.
One does not simply explain a joke.
Explaining jokes kills the fun. So, how do we write an entertaining product text about a Using Cookies Cookie Box that is not entirely stupid? This is not an easy undertaking.
... Three failed approaches later...
Ok, we give up. Not every text has to be clever and funny, does it? I mean, can't we get one day off from coming up with a rhyme all the time or a pun that's fun? ; )
Hopefully, you're still going to buy this cookie box, because it's actually a pretty cool product.
*WARNING: Please skip directly to the last paragraph unless you have absolutely nothing better to do...
*Still with us...? Well, here we go then: Printed on it is that it uses 'cookies'. Now, clever people like you can work out this is a pun (woohoo!). Cookies, of course, has two different meanings (known as a polysemy. –Bet you didn't know that?!). On the one hand, cookies stands for a tasty biscuit, while on the other hand, a cookie is a [[text file|]] saved on your computer to tell the website you're visiting that you've been there before. Usually, you have to accept the use of cookies (which distinguishes them from [[Trojan horses|]]). No, not the wooden ones.
You see? It's always better if the joke is never explained. It only leads to ramblings and unfunny product texts. Well, we did warn you not to read this!
And now, concentrate on what's important: –putting the Using Cookies Cookie Box into your shopping cart. When the time has come and it is filled with delicious cookies, you'll forget about this stupid product text and everything will be fine, we promise ;).
Technical details:
Dimensions: diameter 19cm, height 7cm: Care and maintenance: Not suitable for the dishwasher. Material: Tinplate with digital printing (this is not a sticker!):
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