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Junji Ito Poster

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  • Poster showing a manga drawing by horror mangaka Junji Ito
  • Variants: Glyceride, Honored Ancestor, Tomie, Bundle of 3
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Description Junji Ito Poster

  • Poster showing a manga drawing by horror mangaka Junji Ito
  • Variants: Glyceride, Honored Ancestor, Tomie, Bundle of 3
  • Each poster also shows the title of the story above and Junji Ito's name below the image
  • Officially licensed
When you see these images, you instantly know who drew them: Junji Ito, one of the most famous horror mangaka of Japan.
With manga series such as Tomie, Gyo and Uzumaki, as well as many illustrated short stories, he has become known as a master of the grotesque and gruesome even beyond Japan. His unique style deeply impacts the reader with a mixture of body horror and abstract horror – nothing for the faint-hearted (or weak-stomached ;)).
Ito fans will love this series of artful Junji Ito Posters, which are all based on one particular story of his. Each poster shows a character or a scene from an Ito manga in detail, coloured in classic black & white. The title of the story is shown as well. You can choose between the following variants:
  • Glyceride is a story about Yui, whose father and abusive brother consume more and more fat and grease, until they have extremely greasy hair, skind and even blood. In a key scene, Yui's brother Goro squeezes out his pimples over her face. This dreadful moment just had to be made into a poster!

  • Tomie, one of the most well-known original characters by Ito, is a mysterious and beautiful young woman. Also, she is immortal and can drive people to do horrible things out of desire and jealousy, even into insanity... who wouldn't like a picture of this delicate creature on their wall?

  • The story My Dear Ancestors begins with a woman's nightmare about a giant caterpillar, haunting her after she lost her memory. As it turns out, the “caterpillar” is actually the traumatic sight of an old man's head, from which countless other skulls are sprouting in a row – the heads of his ancestors. Now, the woman is supposed to marry into the family and deliver the next descendant...

  • You love all of Ito's stories so much that choosing only one would be a horror itself? Don't worry, you can also order all 3 posters in a bundle.

Technical details:
Material: 170 g/m² laminated paper
Dimensions: 52 x 38 cm
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