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High Precision Cutting Board

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  • Cutting board made of beechwood with exact specifications
  • Long lasting burned-on makings
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Description High Precision Cutting Board

  • Cutting board made of beechwood with exact specifications
  • Long lasting burned-on makings
Cooking for friends is... er, fun, right?
You get a questionably stained plastic board and the instructions to chop something up! (In cubes, please!) So you ask how big these cubes should be, but the answer is always "whatever size you like", which is the worst case scenario for every Sheldon among us! (But then again, Sheldon wouldn't eat with hippies anyway!)
The kitchen is the perfect place to slice and dice the odd shapes that nature presents to us, such as the shape of twisted zucchini, and the totally irregular oyster mushrooms. This super-precise cutting board assists you in preparing your meals with the orderliness one may keep their sock drawer and desk in. This means as many right angles as possible, precise-looking radii and radish, and defaults for any kind of cubes, slices, and rings. Master every instruction and be sure of the cooking time needed, all thanks to the advantage of having the exact measurements!
Never again will you have to be a victim to somebody who cooks without precision and instead 'by feeling'. (Aargh!)
Only evenly-shaped and perfectly cooked food will reside on your plate. Wonderful!
The marking on the beechwood board is burnt on, so hard use and washing won't harm it and your cuisine will always stay exact. Wash it by hand with warm water and at 60C for the best results. To keep the board in pristine condition, we advise to rub it with a little olive oil before the first use, say 20ml of extra virgin olive oil. You may want to repeat this procedure around every ten uses, with 15ml of olive oil. :)
Please note: this board isn't dishwasher safe - so in this instance, it's better to trust the preciseness of your hard working hands!
Technical details:
Material: Beechwood
Care and maintenance: Not suitable for dishwasher use.
Dimensions: ca. 31 cm x 25 cm x 2 cm
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