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HAKO Puzzle Box

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  • Brain teaser marble run
  • Infinite playing options through changeable paths
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Description HAKO Puzzle Box

  • Brain teaser marble run
  • Infinite playing options through changeable paths
  • Available in 5 different colours (random selection): Black, white, pink, blue, yellow
Hako means box or case in Japanese. And at first glance, that's just what Hako looks like. But everybody knows that it's what's on the inside that counts. ;) Behind the case hides a marble run that turns out to be an intricate puzzle-game.
The start is easy: two players put their marbles in one of the 5 holes on the lowest level. If the marble comes out on the left side, it has to stay on that level or might even go on a lower one. If it comes out on the right side, the player may try it one level higher.
If you're thinking That's all there is to it?, the answer is no, because there's more to discover. :) Once the basics are clear, there are endless possibilities of challenging yourself and your fellow players. 10 different game variations can be found in the enclosed game instructions, e.g. Remember, where you have to remember the right order of the marbles. Even more advanced players might try Hako Master: in this game, you can lose, win and even steal points.
Every game demands your strategy, focus and quick thinking.
You might be wondering why this game is supposed to be challenging – isn't it enough to remember which holes are the "correct" ones? Sorry, but this strategy wouldn't work. The pipes behind the holes can be changed every time, so you will never know where they lead. You'll have to rely on your brain here! ;)
Most of the variations require two or more players. Five marbles are included, two white ones, two black ones a clear one. If you like, you can add more marbles in the right size. When you're not playing, the five marbles can be fixed on the inside of the case which makes Hako even look decorative. Your Hako box will be selected at random from the following variants: black, white, yellow, blue or pink.
Hako's manufacturer recommends this game for children aged 6 and older. Depending on the game variation you're playing, it's a fun brain teaser for the whole family!
Technical details:
Dimensions: 28 x 18.5 x 12.5 cm
Material: plastic
Recommended age: 6+
Contents: HAKO Box (random choice of colour); rules (German, Dutch)
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