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Graffiti Chalk Spray

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  • Spray chalk in the style of real graffiti colours
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Description Graffiti Chalk Spray

  • Spray chalk in the style of real graffiti colours
Graffiti is definitely a cool thing. A little punk, a little anarcho and, if nothing else, a personality expression of the sprayer :). The only thing that might be a problem is the permanence of the spray, risking the wrath of those who don't like or don't let you make your personal artistic statements. You know, the pleasant guys in the blue uniforms!
Only, now these Graffiti Chalk Spray cans solve this problem in a very elegant way: the contents are water-soluble since they are chalk-based :). So now you can spray Graffiti Chalk Spray on any surface you like – even grass or soil. It dries within a minute and lasts up to two weeks (depending on the weather, especially depending on how much it rains). Long enough to admire your work and record digitally for posterity :).
Of course, the Graffiti Chalk Spray is also great for making declarations of love, for example on your house or your partner's; on a wall where you sometimes meet; on the grass in a field (next to a crop circle!).
Or use it to mark the shortest way to your 'scary cabin in the woods party'. A paper chase will become more interesting, as well as geocaching and other games.
Although this is just chalk, it looks very similar to real graffiti colours, so in case you get caught during a spraying session, be ready with some good explanations!
But please refrain from spraying tags on your little siblings! And of course, the same goes for animals (yeah, we know – that little white terrier belonging to your 90-year-old neighbour would look great with red and green stripes! But do try to resist!).
Technical details:
Contents: 400ml per can
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