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Geek Wrapping Paper

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  • High-quality wrapping paper in four different versions.
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Description Geek Wrapping Paper

  • High-quality wrapping paper in four different versions.
Are you bored of wrapping your cool, geeky gifts, which you picked out with love and care, (ideally from our shop, of course!)– in oh-so boooring wrapping paper? Paper that hasn't got the slightest connection to said gift?
Well, now we've got this problem all wrapped up!
With this special Geek Wrapping Paper, you won't have to look down at the ground, all embarrassed when handing over your gift with boring old wrapping paper (usually full of hearts and stars or teddy bears!). Now, you can hand over your gift (picked out with love and care, don't forget) with your head held high, proudly and neatly wrapped in 'proper' packaging :). And just see how excited your lucky geek-recipient will be!
We offer the Geek Wrapping Paper in 4 different designs: Binary Code, Maths, Circuit Board and Christmas. The "3x2 assorted set" comes with 2 sheets of Maths, Circuit Board and Binary Code paper each.
The paper is of high quality and is tear-resistant, which means that it's very forgiving on your wrapping 'skills' when you need to wrap up cool stuff (that you picked out with love and care) that can be rather 'challenging' in shape!
Include the Geek Wrapping Paper with your next order so you'll be well-equipped for your upcoming geek birthdays, anniversaries and Christmases. But, beware: This paper is really cool, so don't be surprised when the lucky receiver of your gift (picked out with love and care!) likes the paper so much that he or she decides to unwrap the gift 'later' :)
Note: The Geek Wrapping Paper consists of single sheets (70cm x 100cm each) which are carefully rolled by us, and which come to you in special packaging (picked out with love and care by us!).
Technical details:
Dimensions: Each sheet: 70x100cm
Weight: 100g photoprint glossy
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