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Rare Geek Gem Molecule Necklaces

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  • The Caffeine molecule on a necklace
  • Design by getDigital
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Description Rare Geek Gem Molecule Necklaces

  • The Caffeine molecule on a necklace
  • Design by getDigital
  • Made of gold-plated 925 silver
Somehow regular jewellers just don't get the tastes of us geeks, right? C'mon, who believes in the lucky power of horseshoes or trefoils or upside-down VW Beetles*, eh?!
* Ok, we made that last one up! But you know what we're talking about ;).
So this is why we're offering these cool gold Geek Gem Molecule Necklaces.
The gold is no blah-blah (rap with me, brother) horrible 'bling' jewellery or some crazy merchandising gimmick. No. It's for adult geeks, as a gift to yourself or somebody special. Gold-plated means the colour looks good and it's durable.
Each necklace comes in a neat case to keep it safe, so it's ready for a celebratory handover or presentation ;).
First, the drug that helps us in nearly every situation in life... oh sweet caffeine :).
- Nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and chromium-free.
- Necklace length: approx. 46cm.
- Pendant dimensions: approx. 3cm wide.
If you're more the kind of person that goes for silver, we've got the same models as simple 925 silver as well. These necklace and pendants are made of gilded 925 silver. So you'll get a durable piece of jewellery of the traditional noble metal in a modern design. Check out all of our geeky jewelry right here.
Technical details:
Contents: Gold plated necklace in a decorative wooden jewellery case
Material: Silver, gold plated
Dimensions: ca. 2.5 x 2.5cm (caffeine)
Nickel release: Allergy-friendly (in compliance with the effective EU directive)
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