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Feel Flux Skill Set

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  • Set contains two Feel Flux cylinders
  • Covered with red leather
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Description Feel Flux Skill Set

  • Set contains two Feel Flux cylinders
  • Covered with red leather
  • Demonstrates Lenz's Law in a spectacular way
  • Can be used for amazing tricks and will help you relax
  • Made of high-quality materials: aluminium, a neodymium magnet (N52) and real leather
Without a doubt, physics is one of the most interesting sciences in the world. But one major downside is the fact that, in order to get to see the really amazing stuff, you need to own a well-equipped lab.
But what would you say if we told you that you can harness the powers of physics to slow down time and switch off gravity? Sounds like magic, right? But don't worry, like always, there's a rational explanation ...
When you open your Feel Flux Skill Set, you'll hold in your hands two large aluminium cylinders wrapped in extremely soft leather (available in red leather). You'll also find a seemingly plain metal ball in the package. So far, so good. But once you drop the ball into one of the cylinders, things will get interesting ...
Instead of just falling, the ball will float downwards as if time has been slowed. Now quickly grab the other cylinder and catch the ball as soon as it leaves the first one. Within no time, you'll be able to perform amazing and truly awe-inspiring tricks!
But why does the metal ball seem to defy gravity?
Well, the ball is made of neodymium, which means it's an extremely powerful magnet. Letting it fall into the tube will result in a changing magnetic field. According to Faraday's law of induction, this will create an electromotive force and will induce so-called eddy currents, which will create another magnetic field. And finally, Lenz's law comes into effect: it states that the magnetic field generated by currents is always directed in the opposite direction of what caused them – in this case, the falling neodymium ball. As a result, the ball will float down the aluminium cylinder veeery very slowly.
So, let's recap: You + Feel Flux = Magneto! What are you waiting for? Grab your Skill Set and bend the forces of nature to your will!
Even though the ultra-magnetic ball is great for exciting experiments, you should also be aware that such a strong magnet can cause harm to certain devices like hard drives, mobile phones, and medical equipment. To be on the safe side, it should be kept at least 30 cm away from these kinds of things, as well as other magnetic objects.
Technical details:
Cylinder dimensions: ca. 6cm x 6cm x 6cm:
Magnet dimensions: ca. 2.5cm Weight
Contents: aluminium cylinder, magnetic ball
Material: aluminium, leather, neodymium
Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 14. This product contains magnets. It is not a toy. Ingesting 2 or more magnets may lead to severe internal injury and even death. Seek medical attention immediately if any magnets were ingested.
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