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Electronics Plush

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  • Cute plush versions of electronic components
  • Six variants available: 3 LEDs, transistor, capacitor and battery
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Description Electronics Plush

  • Cute plush versions of electronic components
  • Six variants available: 3 LEDs, transistor, capacitor and battery
Anyone who's even remotely interested in electronics and tinkering would probably take a bath in LEDs, batteries, transistors and other parts Scrooge-McDuck-style. Unfortunately, most of these components have either pointy edges or pieces of wire sticking out of them... But not all of them! The Electronics Plushies, for example, are cute and fluffy versions of your favourite components - and you can definitely cuddle with them!
The following plushies can't wait to get to know you:
  • Scarlett the red LED is looking for someone to truly make her shine. She likes dancing, reading and playing football. She is also working as a life-guard part-time.

  • Gundel the yellow LED wants to spend as much time outside as possible. She is looking for a partner to unwind with after a long day at work and really likes to cook.

  • Gerda the green LED is extremely ambitious and always wants to be better than her sisters Scarlett and Gundel. She spends her free time learning new languages, doing martial arts and plotting to take over the world.

  • Tiffany Transistor thinks she is the most beautiful of all. She ditched her career as a successful radio host and is now trying to become a movie star. She is only looking for someone with connections to Hollywood.

  • Konrad Capacitor might not be the youngest component, but apart from a bit of gassing, he is a truly solid and nice guy. If you're looking for a soulmate, this is the one.

  • Bertha Battery is the party animal of the bunch. She likes to get wasted and is always lightly tipsy. But once you get to know her, you'll find a true friend who's always up to date with current events.

All of them are house-trained and if they spill food on themselves, you can even wash them by hand at 30 degrees. Now, to get back to Scrooge McDuck...
Technical details:
Dimensions: Battery: ca. 34 cm x 20 cm x 7 cm; LEDs: ca. 7 cm x 7 cm x 28 cm; Transistor: ca. 9 cm x 7 cm x 28 cm; Capacitor: ca. 8 cm x 8 cm x 30 cm
Care and maintenance: hand wash warm
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