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Three-headed Monkey Plush

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  • The threeheaded monkey from Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island: Made of velvety plush.
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Description Three-headed Monkey Plush

  • The threeheaded monkey from Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island: Made of velvety plush.
We're pretty sure we know what Guybrush Threepwood would say about this example of a three-headed monkey from the monkey island. It's just too bad that most people have never actually seen this majestic creature, since they always ignore Guybrush's advice. Or because they're more interested in these fine leather jackets.
So let's say it one more time... Look behind you, a three-headed monkey
Ta-dah! There he is – totally real and touchable :).
Our plush monkey has everything the original from
Monkey Island has: different monkey-like faces (from chaotic happy to anarchic excited and ready for monkey rage), long arms and a tail for swinging in palm trees, and maybe the best thing – a pixelated belly button :D.
Everything else is rounded and really soft. And you won't believe how cuddly his tiny ears are... And six of them too!
When you're not busy cuddling your new monkey, he makes for a perfect decoration. Thanks to his hard soles he can happily stand up, with the help of his tail, and doesn't need to lean against anything. Otherwise, he pretty much just likes to hang around...
All the pieces of your
Three-Headed Monkey
! like his eyes, nose and belly button are stitched, so they can't easily fall off or get swallowed – meaning he's suitable for older children (from at least three years of age) to lead them on the right path towards a geek life. ;)
However, there is one small problem:
The monkey is sleeping on a pile of stolen items.
Du calls the administrators, and the culprit is quickly caught. The unicorn managed to free a key fob in the shape of a controller from the monkey just before
"I think that's what we're looking for."
"How do you know?"
She holds the controller right in front of your eyes so you can see the engraving.
It says: "Possession of the man with bold answers."
"Also, this was right on top."
"I see, makes sense."
Technical details:
Dimensions: Height: 31cm, Length: 24cm, Depth: 7cm
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