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Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

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  • Dragon-themed backflow incense burner
  • Special incense cones allow the smoke to flow down instead of up
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Description Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

  • Dragon-themed backflow incense burner
  • Special incense cones allow the smoke to flow down instead of up
  • Available in two variants
  • Material: hand-painted resin
  • One backflow incense cone included, additional cones available separately
In most role-playing games, we are tasked with slaying dragons and plundering their massive hoards of riches. But if we take a moment to reflect on this gruesome practice, we might realize that most dragons are not inherently evil and actually just want to relax on their huge piles of gold. Who knew? They are even willing to work as security guards since a dangerous job guarantees an even greater influx of gold.
But the Dragon Backflow Incense Burners will not only guard your home, they also come with the right environment of smoke that will flow downwards alongside the rocks instead of upwards! As soon as you have placed and lit the included backflow incense cone behind the mighty dragon, a smoky mist will slowly start to crawl down the rock on which the dragon is perched. You can choose between two variants, the imposing Dragon Tower and the more relaxed Dragon Pool. And in case your new guardian gets a bit too excited, the included foam pad will protect your table from excess dragon breath ;).
To keep your dragon alive after you've used up the included incense cone, you can get additionalBackflow Incense Cones in four different scents right here in our shop.
Please note: As with all incense products, gusts of winds or drafts can cause sparks to fly. As such, keep your dragon away from flammable objects and substances. Since the incense contains scented oils, the smoke can leave stains on objects. But don't worry, you can simply wipe these off with a wet cloth. For optimal results, place the incense cone directly over the hole in the incense burner and make sure that the hole is clean and unclogged.
Technical details:
Contents: incense burner, 1 backflow incense cone, protective mat
Dragon Tower dimensions: approx. 13 x 19 x 11 cm
Dragon Pool dimensions: approx. 16 x 13 x 19 cm
Dragon Tower weight: approx. 460g
Dragon Pool weight: approx. 820g
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