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The Lord of the Rings Drinking Vessels

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  • Drinking vessels inspired by various characters and with motifs from “The Lord of the Rings”
  • Richly detailed designs, elaborately decorated and painted by hand
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Description The Lord of the Rings Drinking Vessels

  • Drinking vessels inspired by various characters and with motifs from “The Lord of the Rings”
  • Richly detailed designs, elaborately decorated and painted by hand
  • Variants: Frodo Tankard, Frodo Goblet, Fellowship Tankard, Hobbit Shot Glasses Set, Sauron Tankard, Sauron Goblet, Rivendell Tankard, Rivendell Goblet
  • Stainless steel insert can be removed for cleaning
  • Officially licensed
The journey of the Fellowship, which sets out to destroy the One Ring and prevent the reign of terror of Sauron is not only dangerous and adventurous but also very full of deprivation . Just imagine, only an apple for second breakfast! For some hobbits, this is probably the greatest test.
Fortunately, the story ends with the downfall of Sauron and so, at last, there can be plenty of celebrating, eating and drinking again. For such a special occasion, appropriate tableware is needed. These ”The Lord of the Rings” Drinking Vessels are perfect for this. Created in the skilful hands of the dwarf smiths, they feature various figures, symbols and objects from Middle-earth. There are various motifs to choose from:
  • Of course, the greatest honour goes to the Ring-bearer, Frodo Baggins, who with the help of his best friend Sam was finally able to destroy the Ring. Both the Tankard and the Goblet are modelled after his clothing, with the Lórien leaf and the Ring on the necklace. The handle or the stem shows Frodo’s sword Sting. His cloak is adorned with the golden, elvish inscription of the Ring and the quote: ”For even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

  • It is best to drink with good friends. Despite initial tensions, the Fellowship members have even become best friends. This is especially true for Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. The artfully crafted Tankard, adorned with the ”Lord of the Rings” lettering, shows the clothing and preferred weapons of the three warriors.

  • Although they can probably drink just as much as anyone taller than them, the little Hobbits prefer smaller glasses. That’s why the Shot Glasses Set fits them perfect. The glasses, decorated with the clothes and names of Frodo, Samwise, Merry and Pippin, are just as inseparable as their role models. Perfect for a party in the Shire!

  • Even though he was the evil one in the story, there was still a certain fascination with Sauron and his lidless eye on the tower of Barad-dûm. So he is also immortalised in a Tankard and a Goblet. Both show the inscription of the One Ring as well as the helmet of Sauron. The wine goblet is held by his own hand, the One Ring still on his finger. The handle of the tankard, on the other hand, is made of the Tower of Barad-dûr, emblazoned with the fiery eye, closely watching over your drinking habits.

  • In Rivendell the Fellowship met for the first time. For Aragorn, this place has a very special meaning, for it is the home of his beloved Arwen. Her crown, evening star and Lórien leaf therefore adorn both the Goblet and the Tankard. Both vessels are gleaming white with golden ornaments, set with several small jewels and the inscription "Rivendell”. Plants climb up the handle or stem, which illustrates the connection of the elves with nature.

  • Of course, the magical dishwasher of our world is unknown in Middle-earth, so the drinking vessels cannot withstand its mighty power. However, they all have removable stainless steel inserts that make it easy to clean them by hand.
    Technical details:
    Material: stainless steel, resin
    Care and maintenance: stainless steel inner can be removed for hand washing
    Goblet liquid capacity: approx. 250 ml
    Tankard liquid capacity: approx. 550 ml
    Liquid capacity shot glasses: approx. 5 cl
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