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Das Keyboard 6 Professional

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  • High-quality and professional mechanical keyboard with durable and precise Cherry MX switches
  • Extremely durable aluminium housing for maximum longevity
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Description Das Keyboard 6 Professional

  • High-quality and professional mechanical keyboard with durable and precise Cherry MX switches
  • Extremely durable aluminium housing for maximum longevity
  • Numerous indispensable features such as N-key rollover, 2-port USB-C hub, multimedia keys, etc.
  • Available with German, British or US key layout and with blue (tactile, clear click) or brown (tactile, quiet click) switches
Das Keyboard 6 Professional is the new generation of the successful and high-quality mechanical keyboards from Das Keyboard. With its stylish and extremely durable design, it was built for real workaholics. The sleek housing is made of anodised aluminium and is complemented by the minimalist key illumination with white LEDs. The keyboard comes without unnecessary frills and thus fits seamlessly into any professional work environment.
As in the previous models, this mechanical keyboard features the German-made and particularly high-quality Cherry MX Switches. You decide how the keys feel when typing and whether the keyboard is quiet or rather loud, for example:
  • Clicky with Cherry MX Blue Switches: tactile* (palpable) switching points, loud clicks: an absolute dream for frequent typists; gamers will have to practice a bit first because of the pronounced transition, but won't give the keyboard away afterwards. :)

  • Soft Clicky with Cherry MX Brown switches: tactile* (palpable) switching points, but noiseless: suitable as a middle ground for both typists and gamers, and ideal in offices where you don't want to disturb your colleagues
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    No matter which switch you choose, The Keyboard 6 Professional impresses with its usual high-quality mechanical keys that not only feel good, but are also incredibly durable. In contrast to previous versions, their durability has increased from 50 to over 100 million keystrokes. No matter what stresses and challenges you face in your daily work or gaming life, your keyboard will handle them with you!
  • Like all Professional Keyboards, this one is also equipped with practical multimedia keys for music control. The special feature is the oversized and therefore very easy to reach volume control.

  • Instead of the usual plastic levers, you get 2 screw-on feet, so you can use the keyboard either slightly tilted or in a completely flat orientation.

  • In times when saving energy is more important than ever, you will especially appreciate the sleep button which allows you to put your device into sleep mode with just one press of a button.

  • For frequent typists and gamers, the Full-N-Key-RollOver offers maximum comfort. All keystrokes are taken into account, so that the input is influenced entirely by the speed of your fingers.

  • 2 built-in USB-C ports give you both fast charging and the ability to transfer data very quickly.

  • The Keyboard 6 Professional is available in different keyboard layouts: DE, UK and US.

  • The keyboard works under the operating systems Linux and Windows. For the Mac, there is the new MacTigr Version.

  • *By "tactile" we mean a noticeable resistance that tells you when the switching point has been reached and the keystroke has thus been registered. With the Cherry MX Brown switches, this occurs almost silently; with the Cherry MX Blue switches, an audible click is also heard.
    Technical details:
    Contents: keyboard, 2 screw-on feet, adapter USB-A to USB-C
    Width: 44.5 cm
    Depth: 13.5 cm
    Height: 3 cm (3.5 cm including feet)
    Weight: 1.310 kg
    Enclosure: aluminum
    Cherry MX Brown lifetime: 100 million actuations
    Cherry MX Blue lifetime: 50 million actuations
    Switch feel: soft tactile
    Cherry MX Brown actuation force: 55 cN (56 gf)
    Cherry MX Blue actuation force: 60 cN (61.2 gf)
    Switch pre-tavel: 2.0 mm (0.08 in)
    Switch total travel: 4.0 mm (0.16 in)
    Switch spring: aluminum
    Cable length: 2 m
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