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Bullshit Button

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  • Flashing Buzzer with x5 different Bullshit sound effects and light which will be audible by the press of this button.
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Description Bullshit Button

  • Flashing Buzzer with x5 different Bullshit sound effects and light which will be audible by the press of this button.
Sometimes, people just talk nonsense, don't they? Like, the England football team being 4th in the FIFA world rankings (oh come on), Belgian beer is better than German beer (no way!), George W Bush is an alien... (OK, that one might be true)... While talking a load of bull is often OK (especially on a Saturday night under the influence of a drink or two!), tragically there are also those who tend to utter nonsense the whole day long... And that can get to be soooo be annoying, right?
You know the kind of people we mean: the narrow-minded work colleague who just has to tell you their opinions on everything, (those adorable!) pupils in 6th grade, incompetent bosses (but not ours, obviously!), politicians, self-proclaimed apocalypse announcers, copywriters on cool, geek product websites (– wait up
)... Not to mention those guys on the TV shopping channels! The list is endless!!
But stress no more! With the Bullshit Button you'll now be able to tell all those people what you think of their babbling without the need to utter a single word! The Bullshit Button comes with 5 different retorts, accompanied by matching light and sound effects:
"Warning, warning bullshit alert!"
"Bullshit detected... take precautions... bullshit detected."
"Bullshit in aisle 2."
"That was bullshit."

We suspect that everyone could probably do with a Bullshit Button! Try it out, you'll see how relaxing it can be to interrupt your colleague during the next team meeting and stop him or her from quoting monkey business. Teachers should install the button on their desk and buzz it whenever a pupil comes up with some rubbish. And yes, even on your sofa's armrest, a Bullshit Button should be installed to comment on all the bull shown on TV. Great Fun!
For really serious cases, when a "bullshit" comment won't do the trick, we also have a Panic Button as a practical alternative or add-on.
Technical details:
Dimensions: Diameter: 7.5cm, Height: 5.5cm: Required Batteries: x2AAA (already included): Power supply: By battery: Material: plastic: Weight 100g: Age recommendation: For ages +3: Content: Comes with an additional sticky tape velcro fastener for fixing.:
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