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blink 1 mk3

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  • Free programmable LED status light with USB connector.
  • Uses different colours to inform you about any favoured processes and news.
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Description blink 1 mk3

  • Free programmable LED status light with USB connector.
  • Uses different colours to inform you about any favoured processes and news.
  • Incl. USB extension cable.
  • Open source hardware and software.
This gadget should by no means be confused with ordinary status lights. No, blink(1) mk3 isn't just a flickering light on the edge of your keyboard, it's a flexible and comfortable status indicator. You might be asking yourself: So what does it indicate exactly?
Well, everything you want it to!
To get started, you just need to do three things in advance: plug your blink(1) into a USB port, then download the control app from the [[manufacturer's website|]] and install it. Here you'll also find additional software and small gimmicky apps for your blink(1).
After installation, you can then choose any kind of notification you want. You can set up blink(1) to signal new mails, for example. Or new tweets. Or when your order is on its way. The small LED shows calls, appointments, warnings and whatever else you might think of, so now there's no need to check everything all the time! Via IFTTT you can hook this clever little gadget up to web services like Twitter, as well.
Of course, you're not only able to decide what blink(1) shows but also how it displays your personal notification. Create individual signals with your choice of colour, brightness and light patterns. How about a red blinking signal for when your boss is calling? Or a peaceful green glow for the Wi-Fi at home? Blink(1) has two RGB LEDs, allowing you to create pretty much any imaginable colour.
The App
The photos at the top of this page will give you a good impression of the app and its possibilities. The first step is to set up the personal status displays. Choose the colours to indicate that you're available, busy or away. There's a selection of patterns already available, but of course you can customize everything to your heart's content. No matter what pattern you've designed, blink(1) will preview it so you can immediately see how it looks.
Using the app is extremely intuitive: if you want to set a new status, just create a new button, name it and choose a colour, length of lighting and pattern and then save everything as a new pattern. Old patterns can of course be changed or deleted.
To connect applications via IFTTT you'll need a IFTTT account. Just copy the IFTTT key of your blink(1) (as shown in one of the photos above) and create a new free account. Everything else is documented at Don't worry, you'll quickly get the hang of that, as well ;). After adding an application to IFTTT, e.g. Twitter, you simply need to add it in the app, as well, and choose a pattern for it.
Notifications for your mail accounts can be enabled in the app itself. Just enter your name, user name and password and then choose between IMAP and POP and, you've guessed it, create a pattern as a signal for your e-mails ;).
The same principle applies to a wide variety of hardware. The sub-menu "Tools" enables you to create notifications for documents, scripts and many other things.
A detailed description can be found under 'Help'. It might look a little complicated at first, but you really don't need special knowledge to customize your blink(1).
On the left, the app shows the status, the serial number and the IFTTT key of your blink(1), as well as the pattern being currently played. Under "recent events", you can see what just happened and what was indicated by blink(1).
A wide variety of APIs are available for the following programming languages (and more will be added in the future):
C / C++ / Objective-C / Qt
Linux kernel
Every blink(1) comes with a 150-cm USB extension cable, in case your USB sockets are on the back of your computer. As well as that, you can use the cable together with blink(1) for several other actions, like informing your co-workers when you don't want to be disturbed! And, of course, you can just close your notebook, put it aside and wait for messages, without having to stare at the display all the time!
Blink(1) is compatible with any operating system. All you need is a USB port. You can even combine several blink(1)'s if you have enough ports ;).
We're sure you'll have endless ideas and uses for blink(1). Check out the website linked above to find new ideas. After a while, you'll realize that blink(1) will help you save time and effort as you won't have the urge to check everything every second anymore ;).
Technical details:
Compatibility: compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, etc.; Chromebooks running Linux, Raspberry Pi / Beagle Bone / DD-WRT routers, FreeBSD
Functionality: runs without drivers; open source
Contents: Blink, USB extension cable (approx. 150 cm)
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