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3Doodler Flexy Plastic

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  • Flexible plastic for the 3Doodler in different colours and bundles.
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Description 3Doodler Flexy Plastic

  • Flexible plastic for the 3Doodler in different colours and bundles.
Although there are many different colours for the 3Doodler, the special thing about Flexy is that it stays flexible after cooling. This means you can print flexible figures.
Flexy is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, and so unlike ABS and PLA, it's bendable like rubber, not brittle. It keeps its shape – of course, the objects can't be reformed after cooling. These new elastic strands offer a bunch of new Doodle possibilities: how about a hammock for your smartphone – it probably deserves a rest! Or something more useful like a wallet or some geeky ribbons...
When using Flexy Plastic the 3Doodler should be set to a higher temperature (as for ABS).
You can choose from these colours and sets of colours:
- yellow
- purple
- silver
- aqua
- bundle with 5 different colours
Each set contains 25 strands. The bundle contains 5 strands of 5 different colours.
For a comparison of the 3 plastics and some ideas how to use them, have a look [[here|]].
Technical details:
Capacity: 25 strands at ca. 26 cm
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